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The Beetle Werks is a friendly, independent company specialising in air cooled and water cooled Volkswagen vehicles. We hope you find our site interesting and useful.


Beetle Werks has been in business for over 15 years now, helping to keep your VW’s stay on the road. With 90% of our jobs requiring us to work with air cooled VW’s means we are highly experienced with early Beetles and Campers. A high percentage of these jobs are restorations of these vehicles. For more details about our restorations, please visit our restorations page.


We are able to cater for pretty much all of your VW needs from a simple bulb change right through to a full restoration.


We are located in a lovely part of the country, on the south coast just West of Brighton. Our very loyal customer base isn’t just in the local area but throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. We are a friendly bunch so please feel free to call and enquire about work you would like us to carry out or any other questions you may have. We are always busy but will always be pleased to hear from you.


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Part of the service Beetle Werks provide is being able to supply new and used parts for your veedubs.


We carry out general servicing and undertake all MOT works, customise vans and beetles.


Our in-house body-shop caters for any of your paintwork or bodywork needs from a scratch to a bare metal re-spray. We carry out full restorations and insurance work.


We offer interior trim work, interior lighting and handmade interior units. You name it and if available (and feasible) we can provide it!


We take photos of the projects stages and update the customer on the progress that is being made.


Take a look at our gallery. For more photos visit our Facebook page.


At The Beetle Werks we also sell and purchase vehicles. If you are interested in selling your vehicles to us, then there are a few golden rules: We simply cannot value something we have not seen. When deciding how much you want, be sensible. Your selling to a specialist, if you have spent loads of money on your vehicle it doesn’t mean that you necessarily increased its value.
Finally have a look at our vehicles for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle from us give us a ring so we can discuss all the details with you.



Restoration is something The Beetle Werks have done for a while now but in the last couple years have really upped the anti due to the lack of companies wanting to take on the older vehicles. We Pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, but there is nothing more satisfying than going to an event and seeing a vehicle we restored looking great. There is something about taking an old veedub, that otherwise would be heading for the scrap, and turning it into something you would be proud to own. As part of our restoration process we can take a complete portfolio and present it to you. We keep a history of all cars that we work on so if you buy a vehicle that you think may have had some work carried out by ourselves, give us a call.

We are always being asked “how much will it cost to retore my vehicle”, this is an almost impossible answer as any good restorer will tell you. Our answer is to first come in with your vehicle so we can see what you would like done. If your vehicle is not road worthy then we will come to you, we do charge for this service but you will get a full refund if you decide we are the right company to carry out your restoration. Once we have seen your vehicle, we then have a good idea of what will have to be done and can give you a very good estimate but not a fixed quote on how much it’ll cost. If you understand the restoration process you will understand why we can’t give you a fixed quote. We are happy for any potential customers to come, visit us and inspect our work before they decide whether or not to use our service. In fact, we would encourage customers to do this as sometimes it helps when discussing certain issues or areas on your vehicles.

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If you require any further information, please contact us and we will be in touch very soon.